Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing in Alaska

Big Game, Fur Trapping, and Ptarmigan Hunting With Alpine Creek Lodge on The Denali Highway


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Ptarmigan Hunting

Your ptarmigan hunt at Alpine Creek Lodge is best anytime in the open season period.  Ptarmigan season is from Aug 10-March 31. We have a huge number of Willow Ptarmigan, with good numbers of the rarer White Tailed Ptarmigan and Rock Ptarmigan.  

Fall hunts are done with ATV’s and walking.  When the snow gets too deep, you hunt them with snow machines (snowmobiles) to get to their main habitat areas.  You’re welcome to bring your bird dog, as dogs are always welcome at Alpine Creek Lodge.

You’ll be staying in the most beautiful setting Alaska has to offer, in a true wilderness that few have experienced.  The scenery alone will last a lifetime in your memory!

We offer 3 day hunts, with as many additional days as you would like.  For Ptarmigan hunting from Aug 10-Oct 15 on ATV's, the rate is $750.00 per person per day for hunting days and $300.00 a day for travel days.  For Ptarmigan hunting from Oct 16-March 31 on snowmachines, the rate is $850.00 per person per day for hunting days and $350.00 for travel days.  Our rates includes pick up and drop off in Anchorage, all your meals, plus your stay in our remote lodge, snow machine or ATV usage.  This does not include your small game hunting license, rifle or shotgun.

We offer fully guided trapping tours in the winter at Alpine Creek Lodge! These hunts also include predator calling! We offer three distinct packages for these hunts.

The Professional:

This is running a serious line and our goal (and yours) is to harvest a large amount of fur.  On this trip, you take home everything we harvest! With good success, you could pay for your trip!

The Collector:

This package is for folks that are looking for that once in a lifetime animal, or one of every animal that we can harvest while you are here. You will only be allowed to take one animal of each species home with you, and we will do whatever we can to insure you get one of each. Wolf, Wolverine, Lynx, Fox, Marten, Ermine, Otter, Beaver, Muskrat, etc.

The Observer:

Just want to see what trapping in Alaska is all about? This is the package for you! Learn tips and tricks for a lifelong Alaskan Trapper! Get some great photo’s of scenery, wildlife, and everything remote Alaska has to offer! This is a relaxed trip! All animals harvested while on this trip will remain with the guide. A trapping license is not required for this package.

All hunts/tours include transportation round trip between Anchorage or Fairbanks. This will include all meals, all lodging either at Alpine Creek or on either end in Anchorage or Fairbanks. These hunts are all 1X1 guided, and can be 1X2 if you have someone you will be traveling with. 

The only thing not included is your trapping license and airfare from your home city to Anchorage or Fairbanks.


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