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Aurora Viewing

This is natures best work. The Aurora Borealis is one of the most incredible things that you can experience in your life! The nearest man-made light is over 65 miles from us, giving you stunningly clear views of the Northern Lights.  Photographers get pictures to cherish for a lifetime!  We can help you set up your camera’s to make sure you can take pictures of them.  During our Aurora Tours, we’ll go out in the crisp and clear Alaskan night to set up in some of our best spots.  Check out our pictures for a sampling of what some of our guests have experienced!  If clouds and lack of solar activity happen during your stay, not to worry, as we can still get some amazing wildlife and scenery pictures, and even star pictures.


Aurora Videos

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Aurora Forecast

These are a couple great websites to check out The Aurora Forecast.

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