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Gold Panning and Rock Hounding

Everyone wants to try being a prospector in Alaska!  I know we do!  Pan in the shoes of the original pioneers of Alaska and try your hand at finding some pay dirt!  We offer tours around the area.  Would you like to try on the existing claims that we have access to?  Or would you like the adventure of atv’ing and hiking to see if you can find your own spot?  Either way, we are game to give it a go!  Garnets of a pink/purple color are very common in our area, and we can find those right in Alpine Creek, just a few feet from the lodge!

Pricing subject to area you want to get to. Call for details!


Valdez Creek Mine

The Valdez Creek Mining District is just a few miles away.  This was host to 20,000 people in 1903!  All that remains of the old town is the federal post office and a couple of cemeteries.  There are still active claims in the area.  We have small sluice boxes pans and vials for your gold and garnets.  The Clearwater Mountains have some of the most interesting geology on the planet!  From gold, to copper, to platinum to silver, and many more, it makes for interesting rock hounding and precious metal hunting!  You just never know what you might find on any day walking around in the mountains!

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