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If you are from the lower 48 you may not recognize this term. For you it would be “Snowmobile.” We Alaskan’s refer to it as “Snowmachining”.  Wherever you are from, you won’t be dissapointed with the great and abundant snow on the Denali Highway! There are great trails for people that are just starting to snowmachine. For more advanced snowmachiners looking for powder and rolling hills, you have it all here.  You can spend everyday of the winter with us and wake up everyday and find another place where there is untouched snow!  After a long day of playing in the powder come back to the lodge and enjoy sitting around the fire at night telling your snow stories.

The lodge is only accessible by snow machine or dogsled in winter, from October 15 to May 15th.  This is truly an adventure trip!  It is 63 miles of riding just to get to the lodge in winter! There is plenty of parking in Cantwell.  Just turn down the Denali Highway, and drive about 5 miles until you get to a sign that tells you the highway is not maintained in winter.  There is a large plowed area for many vehicles and plenty of room for turning your truck and trailer around.  On the Paxson side there is also plenty of parking!  At the Lodge, there is a large loop that goes around the lodge, so don’t worry if you don’t have reverse in your machine, or dog sleds!  There are some large area’s for putting your dogs out, and parking your machines!



Fairbanks Snow Travelers
Fairbanks Snow Travelers

Anchorage Snowmobile Club
Anchorage Snowmobile Club

Daily Guide

We offer a guide to show you new areas to explore for $25.00 a day. This can be set up at the time of reservation. This is a great way to see a new area!

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