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Wildlife Viewing

The Upper Susitna Valley and Clearwater Mountains offer a wide variety of Alaskan Wildlife.  There are grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, caribou and moose.  The Nelchina Caribou herd boasts a population of more than 45,000 animals.  You can spot small groups of them most of the time along the highway.  There is a huge variety of small game including wolverine, lynx, sable (marten), red fox, cross fox, silver fox, coyote, beaver otter and muskrat.  There is also a large number of birds including eagles, falcon’s, northern harriers, warblers, swans and many more.  Finding many of these animals during your stay will not be a problem.  Of course, some are much more common than others.



The Alaskan Range and the Clearwater Mountains offer the most pristine photography there is.  Many Alaskan animals home in these mountains such as bears, wolves, moose, caribou, lynx, wolverine and many others.  Spring is an amazing time of year, with new moose and caribou calves bounding in the new foliage, along with the many rare birds that spend their time here.  Summer abounds with brilliant greens, many animals, stunning midnight sun photography, including 24 hours of daylight!  The fall colors in the area offer spectacular photos with brilliant reds and yellows.  The colors will pale even the brilliance of New England.  Winter up here can barely be described in words.  All but your bears are still out and about, enjoying the winter landscape.  The Aurora can be seen anytime of year, but winter is your best time to see it!

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