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Spring Grizzly Hunts

Grizzly season is open year-round in our unit. The average bear is 8-8.5’ giving you an 85% chance, and higher, to obtain a trophy for yourself! The most opportune time is when the bears first step out of their dens in late April, through May. These spring hunts are recommended as their hides are prime!

For Residents who want to hunt for Grizzly bears all you need is to come up and hunt your bear with a hunting license.  Currently tags aren’t required for Alaska residents.

Non-Residents who want to hunt for Grizzly bears in Alaska need a licensed Alaskan Guide.  This can be done by calling a guide that works in this area.

A guide we recommend is Tony Lee from Westwind Guide Service


General Info


To hunt moose right from the lodge, you need to apply for DM336. Applications are received in November/December in the year before you hunt.  You will be notified if you have won a tag in February. Harvest tag for Alaska residents-require spike/fork or 50″ 4 brow tines. Moose for non-residents is by permit only and issued by way of a drawing. Moose non-resident draw supplements are below.  Click here for more info on this permit.


Are you in good shape? Sheep are rare in the immediate area, and you can get to them if you’re in good shape.


Caribou is resident only in our area.

Grizzly and sheep require a guide for non-residents.  Moose and black bear do not require a guide to hunt.

Hunting License

Here is a link to the Alaska Department of fish and game to see about Drawings/Permits and all Alaska’s hunting regulations and Licenses.