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Fishing Package

Summer Trophy Arctic Grayling Fishing Package!  June 15th to September 15th.

Prices by per person:  10 day:  $4500,     7 day:  $3500   5 day:  2500    3 day:  $1750

Our packages and fishing area’s are in places where you would rarely ever see anyone!      Fly or spin fishing are both effective!  The waters in this area are crystal clear! We have the gear if you don’t bring your own!

Day 1: Travel to the fishing the entire way between Anchorage and the lodge!  Great views, including Mt. McKinley!  Some spots along the way you just can’t pass by because the fishing looks and is so great!

Day 2: A trip to Bob Fish Lake for trophy Arctic Grayling on the ATV’s!  We picked up a 22” grayling out of this lake in 2013!

Day 3: This is a trip up a trail to Windy Creek in our Jeeps!  This high alpine valley is full of grayling.  Includes stream fishing and lake fishing.  Your choice!  Beautiful ride, so bring your camera!

Day 4:  Roosevelt Lake!  We will travel to the upper reaches of Valdez Creek (not near the town of Valdez) and chase grayling and lake trout!  We’ll have a variety of stream and lake fishing!  We’ll find the fish!

Day 5:  The Lower Clearwater!  Here, we will be stream fishing for Arctic Grayling.  The fish are numerous and you can find some holes with some monsters in it!  Great area in a wooded valley.

Day 6:  The Upper Clearwater!  The river goes up into an alpine valley.  We will hike up and fish the holes we find and look for fish in the small ponds along the way!

Day 7:  Osar Creek!  We will fish along Osar creek and several lakes and ponds that carry no name!  Great grayling and you might even find the rare long nosed suckers!

Day 8:  Lower Valdez!  This is a meandering stream near where it dumps into the Susitna River.  This can hold some great fish!

Day 9:  Tangle Lakes and more!  We will begin our travel back to Anchorage via the Eastern Denali Highway and Richardson and Glenn Highways.  The Tangles are excellent for grayling and lake trout!  We’ll take two days getting back to Anchorage so you can fish anywhere along the way that looks interesting!  Spend the night in a Glennallen hotel that we’ll arrange.

Day 10:  Breakfast in Glennallen, then we’ll move our way down the amazing glacier valley of the Matanuska River and Glacier.  Lot’s of great clear creek fishing and lake fishing all the way back to Palmer.




Fishing is pristine in the majestic Clearwater mountain range!  Lake and streams nestled between two mountains have great fishing holes without the crowds.  There are places to fish for Trophy Arctic Grayling either by fly fishing and/or spin fishing. Grayling season is from June 1-Sept 15. Peak season is in July.  Other plentiful fish are Lake trout and Burbot.  Come on out and enjoy a day of endless fishing!  Fish until you can’t fish any longer and be the only one on the lake or stream.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing is available to be done in the Gulkana. We can arrange to take you over to that location and set you up to do a day of fishing for Salmon. The salmon season runs from June 1- Sept 15.

Ice Fishing

Think fishing is just for summer?  No Way!!  We can fish the same pristine lakes and streams for Lake Trout and Burbot in the winter time! Fishing season is from Dec 1-April 1 for Lake Trout and Burbot. Come on up and we will have all the gear to spend the day out fishing. Have a nice hot lunch out on the lake and just enjoying the crisp winter air.  Bring your daily caught back to the lodge and have Chief Chrissy cook it up for dinner.  What could better??

Fishing License

Here is a link to the Alaska Department of fish and game website to see about Alaska’s fishing regulations and Licenses.