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Ptarmigan Hunting

Your ptarmigan hunt at Alpine Creek Lodge is best anytime in the open season period.  Ptarmigan season is from Aug 10-March 31. The limit on these Alaskan birds is 10 per day!  We have a huge number of Willow Ptarmigan, with good numbers of the rarer White Tailed Ptarmigan and Rock Ptarmigan.  This Alaskan State Bird is a fun bird to hunt.  We have big numbers in our area, you’ll be doing a lot of shooting!  These birds are exceptionally tasty.

Fall hunts are done with ATV’s and walking.  When the snow gets too deep, you hunt them with snow machines (snowmobiles) to get to their main habitat areas.  Most hunters use a .22 caliber rifle, many use a .410, 12 gauge or even small pistols.  It’s really your choice.  Looking for a summer/fall hunt? You’re welcome to bring your bird dog, as dogs are always welcome at Alpine Creek Lodge.

You’ll be staying in the most beautiful setting Alaska has to offer, in a true wilderness that few have experienced.  The scenery alone will last a lifetime in your memory!

We offer 3 day hunts, with as many additional days as you would like.  For Ptarmigan hunting from Aug 10-Oct 15 on ATV’s, the rate is $750.00 per person per day.  For Ptarmigan hunting from Oct 16-March 31 on snowmachines, the rate is $850.00 per person per day.  Our rates includes pick up and drop off in Anchorage, all your meals, plus your stay in our remote lodge, snow machine or ATV usage.  This does not include your small game hunting license, rifle or shotgun.


Ptarmigan Species

Rock Ptarmigan

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Willow Ptarmigan


White-Tailed Ptarmigan

white tailed ptarmigan